Custom Medium Blank Art Scroll


A medium size blank art scroll custom designed to your exact specifications, including the scroll size and silk colors. Choose from the silk brocade colors posted on this page, determine the scroll size you require and we will build it exactly they way you want.

You may select from three rice paper options. The detailed paper options are the best choice if you do not want the ink/watercolor paint to bleed.

Custom Made Blank Art Scroll: You can expect delivery in 10-21 days.


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The custom medium blank art scroll can be up to 20 inches wide and 54 inches tall. You can choose from many different silk colors, and the scroll design can include one or two colors (as shown in picture). After placing an order we will email you to request the design specifications for your blank art scroll.

[icon icon=icon-info-sign size=14px color=#FF0000 ] Design Note: This scroll requires a minimum of 1.5 inches silk on each side of the painting. Please adjust your design accordingly.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Scroll Width

Scroll Height

Painting Width

Painting Height

Paper Type

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Main Silk Color

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Silk Around Painting

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